robert bailey


Bob Bailey retired at age 67 as CEO of a major company and began a new career as a public speaker, consultant, and author.  After hundreds of speeches over the next 18 years on how to build a more successful business (with emphasis on leadership, customer service, sales and business ethics), he became weary of airline travel and retired from the speaking/consulting segment of his second career.  He now devotes his time to writing.

 He is the author of these books:

In Plain Talk About Leadership, Bob Bailey describes the principles he used for building a very successful billion dollar company, and he presents them in a manner that is clear, understandable and inspirational. His book takes you on a shortcut through the complexities of corporate life and makes those complexities suddenly clear and easy to understand. Difficult matters for leaders – employee morale, hiring and firing, inequitable compensation, poor communications – are sliced and diced by common sense and uncanny wisdom until they are reduced to manageable size, and anxiety is replaced by confidence.
Bailey is a man of firm persuasion, dedicated to the proposition that doing the right thing – and doing it with courage and passion – is the mark that we should seek to make in any personal or professional endeavor. That can only be accomplished through unswerving dedication to personal principles and values. And contrary to the way leadership is approached by other authors, Bailey has a special gift of being able to penetrate quickly to the heart of a matter through sharing heart-warming stories born of a high-level executive experience.

Bailey’s life has been an anomaly. This is a man of uncommon and old-fashioned conviction – and yet he offers wisdom for the millennium. He was born and raised on a Kansas farm – yet he rose to the top of a billion dollar insurance company. He had the height and bearing of a prince – and yet he takes the role of a servant in relationships with colleagues and friends.

Plain Talk About Leadership is an anomaly as well. It is different from what is normal or usual. In it, you will find advice and counsel that transforms the soul. As a result of reading it, you will change the way you think and the way you act; and you will be a more effective leader.
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