robert bailey


Bob Bailey retired at age 67 as CEO of a major company and began a new career as a public speaker, consultant, and author.  After hundreds of speeches over the next 18 years on how to build a more successful business (with emphasis on leadership, customer service, sales and business ethics), he became weary of airline travel and retired from the speaking/consulting segment of his second career.  He now devotes his time to writing.

 He is the author of these books:

Anything Anything



Jefferson P. Brookhaven is a political consultant whose job is to help politicians achieve life's two most important missions.

First, get elected. And second, get re-elected.

Like many in his business, he will do anything to help his clients win. And anything means anything.

A popular U. S. Senator, nearly certain to win re-election, loses his life in a suspicious fall from a hotel balcony.
A competing candidate dies in an unexplained boat explosion.
Political enemies are mysteriously shot to death.

This is a story of a political game where unethical and even illegal activities have become too common.








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