robert bailey


Bob Bailey retired at age 67 as CEO of a major company and began a new career as a public speaker, consultant, and author.  After hundreds of speeches over the next 18 years on how to build a more successful business (with emphasis on leadership, customer service, sales and business ethics), he became weary of airline travel and retired from the speaking/consulting segment of his second career.  He now devotes his time to writing.

 He is the author of these books:



Fifty million dollars worth of rough diamonds were taken in an armored car heist in Gaborone, Botswana. Weeks later, millions of dollars of rough diamonds were stolen as they were being loaded onto a Swiss Air flight departing Brussels for Zurich. Then more than fifty million dollars worth of cut and finished diamonds were taken from a private diamond exhibit at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes.


Vincent Hawkes, a special investigator for Million Underwriting Limited, a Lloyds of London insurance syndicate that specializes in insuring diamond mining, processing, and wholesale distribution operations worldwide, encounters corrupt diamond merchants, dishonest armored car personnel, a car bombing, and murder. He takes on the task of finding and bringing to justice the person responsible for some of the largest international diamond heists in history.








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