Bob Bailey is the retired CEO of a major company.  By his own admission, he failed retirement after three days and began a new career as a public speaker and author.  He is the author of seven books and writes columns for several magazines.

The company he headed achieved remarkable performance levels.  Sales rose from $214 million to $1 billion; net worth increased from $139 million to $1 billion; and service levels and employee morale rose to the highest level ever, thanks to a strong focus on communication, recognition and motivation.  Under his leadership, the company became one of the top-performing companies in its industry.

He draws from a lifetime of business experience to bring you vital messages that are clear, dynamic, inspirational and humorous.

Bob’s customized messages will make your event a terrific success.


Congratulations on your promotion. Now what?

Promotions are one of life’s most challenging times, even ahead of death of a family member, divorce, moving and managing teenage children.

Learn how to approach the job with confidence, encourage your employees to buy-in to your organization’s mission, and become a truly effective leader.


  • What you should do on your first few days and weeks on the job
  • The simple but critically important principle that drives all effective leadership
  • Why most leaders fail – and how to virtually guarantee your success as a leader
  • How to keep employees from becoming demotivated on the job
  • How to get and keep good people
  • How to plan effectively by predicting the future with reasonable accuracy