bobpic“Transitioning from leading a major corporation to retirement is not an easy matter for many of us,” Bob says. “My employment contract wouldn’t permit me to work in my old industry for one year, so I faced the question of what to do with my life that would provide some degree of challenge and satisfaction. After enduring three days of retirement, my wife Sylvia said, ‘Stop moaning and write a book’. I didn’t think I was moaning, but she was probably right. She usually is.”

Thus Bob’s work as an author began. He is now the author of nine books.

With his vast experience in the business world, why did he start writing novels? “I didn’t do any research for my business and self-help books,” he says. “All are based on my some 50 years in the business world and life in general. I wrote from experience. Then, once again, Sylvia encouraged me to try my hand at novels. ‘I think you’ll have fun doing it,’ she said. And, once again, she was right. I couldn’t rely on my experiences since my life of crime consists of one speeding ticket and two warning tickets. I have to do lots of research and exercise my brain by thinking up new plots. It’s been quite a challenge—but an enjoyable one.”