If you wish to consider booking Bob for a presentation: 

  1. Call and check his calendar.  He has a rather intense speaking schedule, and he may not be available.

  2. If his calendar is clear for the date of your event, arrange for a time the two of you can talk by phone about the possibility of working together.  He will ask that you outline your meeting objectives, and he'll want to learn more about your organization.

  3. If it’s a business group, he will want to learn about the culture of your organization and its management style.  You may wish to read his book Plain Talk About Leadership or The New Leader and some of the articles for publication in the Editors section of the website.  This will help you determine whether Bob’s style of leadership and business philosophies are appropriate for your organization and compatible with your own management style.

  4. If it’s a Christian group, he’ll want to learn about the type of group he will be addressing – church weekend service, retreat, outreach event, etc. – and what type of message you hope to get across.

  5. He is as much interested in customer satisfaction as you are, so if his message doesn’t fit, he’ll suggest another speaker.  Speaking is a second career, so he’s not desperate to work.  He is only interested in delivering a top-quality program and real value for your people.  He will not accept a speaking engagement if he feels his message won’t meet your requirements.

  6. If he believes he can help you accomplish your meeting objectives, he’ll outline for you in that phone conversation the approach he would expect to take.  His message will be customized to meet your specific needs.  Following that discussion, you can make your decision, feeling reasonably confident you will have a program that will provide great value for your people.

  7. Contact Information: Robert L. Bailey, 941-358-5260 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  8. Your investment – Business presentations are especially attractively priced in the Orlando-Tampa-Naples corridor.  Christian messages are free within about 40 miles of his home in Sarasota, FL.